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Stitched cards are all about a tactile way of connecting with people. Show gratitude, express love, and share good times.

Each design is inspired by the simple things, and handcrafted to create intriguing texture. Ask about custom cards, and check out our awesome drink sleeves.


Eames LCW

Notes from our Customers

"Thanks so much! We're excited to have your beautiful cards again."
-- Two Hands Paperie

"My boys got one of your sasquach cards in the mail today! I LOVE IT! I may have to frame it. My boys are bigfoot fans."
-- Lisa

"These are my absolutely favorite cards. I love them. They go to my most valued friends and sit on my desk making me happy. They're wonderfully made and just the perfect size for a few lines of whatever sentiment you're sending. Could not recommend them more highly."
-- Stephanie Garis

"Thanks for taking such good care of us!"
-- Oblation Papers & Press

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  • Abominable Yeti thumbnail
  • $5.50 each
  • Fox Drink Sleeve thumbnail
  • $16.00 each
  • Michigan Drink Sleeve thumbnail
  • $16.00 each